Our Review of Professional Development Courses

There is a segment of online courses especially designed for the working professional, which is what this page addresses.  These are authentic college courses specifically designed to help advance your present or future career. 


The course providers listed below understand your working situations and have created formal courses to help you improve your work skills for possible advancement.  This is in strict comparison to MOOCs that offer you a formal education in a specific major. 

So if you're a working professional that wants to advance in a particular career path, please review the following.  In addition, Know This! before you commit to anything.



simplilearn logo
  • Designed for the full-time professional with a mix of self-paced, interactive and applied learning
  • Live instructor-led training sessions are available in a flexible array of batches.
  • Online sandbox CloudLabs precludes maintenance and configuration issues.
  • No-nonsense interface.
  • While not without its limitations, Simplilearn offers an online learning experience for professionals looking to prepare for and complete certification exams
  • Helping professionals thrive, not just survive is one of their mottoes
  • All kinds of YouTube videos - don't be overwhelmed.
ed2go logo
  • Designed for the professional who wants to advance their career opportunities
  • About $70 per course
  • According to them, here are three reasons to choose ed2go
    • The most in-depth courses online
    • Local schools that employers know
    • Financial aid for career training courses
  • Plus an extensive course catalog
  • And a great FAQ page that should answer most of your questions from one of their university partners, Durham Tech
  • Lots of YouTube videos if you want to know what's what with them