Our Review of Online Courses

Our choice for general online courses is Udemy.  Some of the others do the same things (almost), but we like Udemy for its straight-forward approach to learning anything from Accounting to Zoology and everything in between such as music, photography, programming, gardening, medical billing, yoga...you name it. 


There is one price per course and that's it.  With Udemy there is no subscription model that you may forget about and then keep on getting billed each month like at least one other in this space.  Plus with Udemy, you can go back to the same courses you enrolled in without penalty at anytime and pick up where you left off. 


And the price is right - generally under $50/course and often times less - see below.

udemy logo
  • Thousands of courses available on every conceivable subject.
  • Some are free but most charge a fee
  • The economic model is "pay for each course individually"
  • Most "for pay" courses give you several lectures free, but then you'll pay for the rest if you choose to enroll.
  • Fees are generally between $15 and $50 per course, but Udemy runs monthly specials that can make it between $10 and $20 so look for these.
  • Plus you can find Discount Coupons online and/or from the course instructor
  • The instructors are generally NOT college professors as anyone can create and host a course on Udemy. 
  • That said, the course catalog is extensive (over 55,000+ to date)
  • And the courses are great for getting knowledge at a bargain price.
  • Follow that up with a Project and you may get that job
Udemy is probably the most useful place to look for anything that you're interested in learning.  Here are their online course categories; click on any of them that look interesting to you.  You'll find a lot more under each category.