Our Review of K-12 Offerings

If your child is a pre-schooler, in regular school or being home schooled, this page is for you.  Listed below are our choices for online education for them.  Each has its own unique program for learning and assessment, as well as its own pros and cons.

Be sure to use your good judgement in evaluating them.






















  • Ages 5 through 12+
  • For anyone, young or old, that needs help with standard arithmetic
  • Electronic Flash Cards is about as close to what RetroMath is all about.
  • Not an online course but rather a math teaching game that looks like a miniature old fashioned arcade game
  • Reinforces basic math like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Very simple to use
  • No programming required
  • Kids like their smart phones and tablets and RetroMath is like them without  the distractions of Facebook, Twitter, etc.
retromath video arcade game
abcmouse log
  • Ages 2 through 8
  • Easy to use for kids
  • Content looks and acts like video games, but actual learning takes place instead of mindless clicking on things that move
  • Free 30 day trial
  • Monthly or yearly subscription
  • Student tracking and assessment
  • Watch their video (mid page)
  • Ages 2 through 8
  • Easy to use for kids
  • Content looks and acts like video games, but actual learning takes place instead of mindless clicking on things that move
  • Free 30 day trial
  • Monthly or yearly subscription
  • Student tracking and assessment
  • Watch their video (mid page)
ABCmouse.com is an educational website for kids ages 2 through 8 that includes more than 9,000 learning activities. Expect to pay $9.95 /mo. or $79.95 /year and each account can track progress for up to three kids. Optional $3.95/month to access the Assessment Center for more individualized assessment and progress data. There are no ads or external links on the site. Click here more informaton 
  • Ages K-12
  • Dubbed "The robot that teaches math"
  • Teaches basic shapes
khan academy logo
  • Ages 4 through 18+
  • Not actually an academy or school but the online information is exceptional!
  • Great for home schoolers and any full time K-12 students that need help in math or most any subject.
  • The Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, among others, have funded them. 
  • See and hear what Bill Gates has to say
  • Totally FREE!!
The Kahn Academy approach is quite possibly the next revolution in both online and in-class K-12 teaching and learning.  Right now it's more of a supplement to traditional in-class and homeschooling, but both of these venues can learn from its approach to teaching.

The free Kahn Academy lessons span just about every imaginable subject that a K-12 student (and teacher) will encounter, but here's the best part...it flips the "lecture-homework" paradigm on it's head and allows students "all the time they need" to learn each subject without encountering gaps in what they missed.  If applied right, each student gets the equivalent of an "A" since they have the time to learn "all" of the subject matter without going on to the next lesson with gaps in their knowledge.  

So instead of a time limit to learn a subject where high letter grades are assigned to those who "get it" the first time within the fixed classroom time limit and where lower letter grades are assigned to those "who didn't", students independently study the Kahn Academy online lectures on their own rather than having a teacher lecturing in front of all of them while they passively listen.   With the online video materials, students can review (and re-review) all of it until it "sticks" - this now becomes the homework part. 
Then in class, the teacher can spend quality time with each student in standard drill and practice on what they learned and provide individual instruction.  And other students who already know the material can help students who are behind.  This now becomes the classroom part of the model that used to be the homework part.  It basically frees up the teacher to mentor each student rather than lecture all of them at the same time and gives each student enough time to learn the entire subject matter without knowledge gaps. 

We think the Kahn Academy approach is going to change K-12 education as we know it, but it will take time and political will to do it.  The key is individualized online learning for students and teachers, both.  Does it take discipline on the part of the student?- yes - but so does regular learning.  We feel that online learning (in and out of school) for our kids and their teachers and the rest of us will become as common as online shopping is now, so take a look at this unique approach and consider using it right now for your kids - it's free!
connections academy logo
  • A fully accredited private school
  • Tuition free in most states (yes, really)
  • Fee-based for International Connections Academy
  • Great for home schoolers and anyone who wants additional choices for their children's early education
  • Includes college prep
  • Additional fees may apply  - check the website for details
Connections Academy’s K–12 accredited online public school program is tuition-free and aligned with your state’s educational standards. All required texts and instructional materials are included and provided to all students at no additional cost.
International Connections Academy (iNaCA) is a K–12 online private school that students attend from home. iNaCA brings a fully accredited U.S. education directly to your family’s door—anywhere in world.  International Connections Academy is an accredited online private school offering affordable payment options. Your private school tuition includes enrollment in their private school including use of all required course materials, access to their proprietary education management system, highly qualified teachers and support staff, and a rigorous, challenging curriculum.