Our Review of MOOC Degrees

Of the MOOCs that we recommend, only Coursera offers a formal online Degree program, while edX offers transferable course credits to a college degree from specific colleges and universities; then you'll need to complete your studies at a "brick and mortar" institution that accepts these transferable courses, but it's not as limiting as it sounds, and it does have its advantages. 

For full-blown degrees (like from Coursera's partners - not from Coursera itself) the costs are not inexpensive by any means, because these are real degrees from established institutions, so expect to pay thousands of dollars.  And they require years of work and sometimes you'll need to work on their schedule, not yours.  On the positive side, you do get a full-fledged college degree from an established institution as Coursera works with only the best.

But if you're looking for a less expensive alternative then check out edX .  Theirs is a piece meal approach to acquiring a formal degree, since they only offer "transferable credits" rather than a full degree; then you'll need to then attend a traditional college to complete it and one that accepts your credits.  That said, the costs are much lower along with the lower risk of obligation to complete the courses (both financial and otherwise).  Again, edX works only with the best institutions so more details can be found below.

And, Yes, there is financial aid available, but be careful about getting into debt.  Just  Know This! when you do your own evaluation of them.



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  • edX doesn't offer a full online degree; however, it does allow you to earn university credits that are transferable to certain colleges towards their specific degree programs.  Here are the ones they currently offer:
  • These transferable credits are far less expensive as compared to a full-fledged online degree
  • Plus they have the advantage of "try before you buy" to know if your intended degree is worth your time and money.
  • Terms vary for each program, but most have a fair way to "opt out" should you choose to do so
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