Our Review of Certificates

Both MOOCs and Professional Development courses have Certificates.


So what is a Certificate and why should you want one?

A Certificate is really proof that you took and passed an online course.  Each MOOC and Professional Development course has its own Certificate program (sometimes several of them) and with it you can post your Certificate on your resume and on LinkedIn, so that your current or perspective employer can view it to see what you've accomplished (for them...and not so much for yourself).


It will cost some money, usually less than $100 per Certificate (costs vary), and take a lot of your time (usually months), but unlike simply auditing a course for free, it shows that you had the tenacity to actually complete and pass the course.  Plus you should learn something along the way, too.

Now, will it make a difference in terms of finding a job, a job promotion or getting a better one?  Possibly, but it all depends on how you present it to your employer.  This is key.  But how to do this is so wide and varied that any specific advice would be useless.  So it's up to you to research it fully and check with your employer BEFORE you make the commitment to go for it; i.e., Know This!.  



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  • According to them ...
  • Simplilearn is one of the world's leading certification providers, offering short-term online training courses to help professionals get certified and get ahead.
  • Designed for the full-time professional with a mix of self-pace and timed courses along with..
  • With many certificates recognized by accrediting bodies - ITIL is certified by AXELOS, PMP by PMI, and Prince2 by AXELOS.d, interactive and applied learning
  • To the left is one example
  • The About Us page says it all
  • As far as Certificates go, edX has three (3) of them that serve individual needs differently:
  • If you received it from a school it will have the school's name on it
  • And like the other MOOCs, edX will verify your identity
  •  How?
  • According to edX, “You will be asked to submit your photo and a photo of an official ID through the use of a webcam. As your course progresses, you may be asked to re-verify your identity.
  • Check out the above certificate programs as they seem legit and comprehensive
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  • Here's what Coursera says about their Certificate program.
  • And Coursera also uses something called "Signature Track" to make sure that it's you taking the course and here's what happens...
  • Every time you submit coursework, you'll easily authenticate your identity by typing your Signature Phrase. When you successfully complete a course's Signature Track, you'll receive a Verified Certificate issued by the participating university and Coursera. ...
  • Joining a course's Signature Track is optional
  • To the left is just one Certificate example
  • Certificates can also come from accredited institutions, as well
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