What LernOnLine.com is all about


LearnOnLine.com is about learning anything and everything online.  You can find online courses ranging from computer programming to photography to how to design web pages and even yoga -  and everything in between - right here.

Online Distance Learning is much more than just taking classes over the Internet.  It's really about bringing "anytime, anywhere" learning directly to YOU regardless of your age, academic or social background. 


Most importantly, you can take online courses on your schedule and at your own pace.  As a result, you will learn ALL the material you're trying to absorb without being pushed (or dragged) along with the crowd, with the end result being the equivalent of an "A" in every subject! 

The Internet has become the real Educational Equalizer. 

Now anyone with Internet access can learn anything they want and be connected to anyone, anywhere to share ideas and to learn from one another.  This is true learning without bounds or restrictions. 


With the advances in Internet and Web communication along with social networking and smaller, more powerful personal computing devices like  smart phones and tablet computers, all the tools are finally available to you. 

So we invite you to join us in fulfilling our mission of Changing The Way You Learn. 


Who am I dealing with?

LearnOnLine.com. is basically a facilitator or “pass through” to our hosted third-party Sources or vendors that supply the online courses, MOOCs, Certificates, Degrees and other educational services that are hosted on this website.  These include, but are not limited to, Udemy,  Coursera, edX, ed2go, Simplilearn plus abcMouse, Kahn Academy, RetroMath and Connections Academy for K-12 students and parents.


We do not offer any online courses of our own nor do we collect any of your data and (most certainly) we do not collect any money from you.


What we do provide you with are links to these valid online course providers who do collect your personal data and (sometimes) money for you to enroll and learn the subjects you sign up for.


For this service we get a commission from our some of our Sources, but not all of them.  And even with these commissions, it doesn't cost you anymore to deal through us as compared with going directly to any of our third-party sources. So, if you have a problem or issue with your course, especially with respect to billing , then you’ll need to contact whomever you signed up with (not us).

Also examine our Privacy Policy and Disclaimers as they directly affect your use of this website.